It all began in 1997 and the last 16 years have witnessed the transformation of a modest beginning in industrial hub and well known for Oil Engine manufacturer and globally recognized as Automotive OEMs hub of Gujarat that is Rajkot. UniMak Softwares Pvt. Ltd., fka Unique Softwares, is a privately owned company now a based at Ahmedabad to an expansive footprint with offices in Delhi-NCR, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, independently. Organization with a zeal of quality, solution oriented approach, technology consciousness and unique

Navigator™ - Integrated Software Solution, a ready to use software solution; quick and smother implementation with changeover is a very well defined vision. However to one and all at UniMak, the aphorism provides a license to innovate, simply because the word unique has no static definition, it is relative and continually evolving. The visualization thus is, ‘To become one of the most trusted and passionate solution providers for enterprise resource

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